Typically trees are pruned/trimmed for the following reasons:


  • tree pruningTo provide clearance for electric, phone and cable wires. Proactively pruning tree limbs over these lines helps to avoid an interruption of service caused by snow-laden branches. Breaking is prone to happen during one of our late spring or early fall snowstorms or during one of Denver’s frequent wind storms.
  • Provide a clearance of home/garage or neighboring structures from overgrowing tree branches that could pose a fire hazard i.e. dry conifer needles, continually clog gutters creating winter time ice damming issues or interfere with chimneys or the safe operation of HVAC equipment.
  • To remove unsightly, insect damaged or infested, squirrel damaged, or storm damaged limbs.
  • Mitigate broken, hanging, dead limbs that could cause injury or property damage.
  • Prevent tree branches from acting as a “sail” by selectively pruning out branches so the wind flows thru the canopy more and against it less. And to reduce the capacity for branches to collect and hold snow during one of our late Spring and early Fall snow storms.
  • Structure pruning to encourage a desirable and stable form, to maintain a dominant leader and to promote strong structure.
  • If it has been longer than three years since the tree was last pruned.
  • Limbs are encroaching into the yard, low limbs are “clothes-lining” people while they’re mowing the lawn.
  • To promote a more uniform shape i.e. aesthetics.